Welcome to Kittie Kitsunekos Web Site

My name is Serena, but I go by my art handle, "KittieKitsuneko".

SBI have been doing art ever since I was little. The name "Kittie Kistuneko" comes from my love from Cats and foxes and she's always seen in my favorite color, PINK! It is also the name of my main character 'Kittie Kitsuneko'.

I began drawing professionally in 1999, when places like "FurBid" were around. While I began quickly selling my artwork there, I soon moved on to selling prints at conventions, prints on eBay, illustrating a comic book and doing artwork for local businesses.

About 3 years ago, I expanded my horizons into making hair and jewelry accessories on eCrater. Each of my bows and jewelry pieces are carefully crafted to model loosely after the "Magical Girl" theme.

I also started a YouTube channel. I decided on the name; "The Foxes Den". It show my vlogs as well as some reviews of various (typical) anime items. The main focal point being on "Sailor Moon" items.

I also started getting involved in some voice work. I have had the honor to do voices for the podcast "Lavendar Ladies", a YT Anime FanDub doing the character "Konnosuke" for "Tatsugeki Touken Ranbu" and for the past 3 years or so, doing my own radioshow on UOR. If you're looking to hire me for voicework, please check out my "voiceover" link.

Finally, I returned back to school at the start of 2018 to pursue an Associates Degree in IT Mobile Application Development. I will be a graduate in 2020.

If you're looking to purchase artwork, please see the Products page. Otherwise, for all other inquiries, please see the "contact" page.

Thank you so very much for visiting! Jaa mata ne~!