1. How long does it take?
Depending on what you're asking, it can take anywhere from hours to days, weeks or months. It really depends on the project.

2. What kind of trades do you usually do?
I used to do art trades, some time ago. But as of recently, I am offering my services as a web developer/app developer as well. Please keep in mind, apps don't come cheap. Best to look up the average cost of an app before you ask.

3. I like you on Twitch, can I ask for something there?
No. Short answer, no. Just because I'm there please don't expect something from me. I am there to have fun, entertain and chat. That's it. Donations are just that there as well, donations. So please don't expect anything there.

4. Why don't you do art commissions anymore??
I stopped taking commissions in the Fall of 2018 because I returned to school to pursue a dual Associates Degree in IT Mobile Application Development and Web and Software Development. Because of this, I haven't had the time to really take any commissions. The commissions I had remaining were completed and sent out as soon as I was able to complete them. But I realized that I could not pursue my degree and take commissions and manage my family and house all at once. And even after graduating in the Spring of 2020, I find that between personal projects, work and my family, I don't have the time to do a commission. For now, I just draw in my spare time for my own personal enjoyment.

5. Will you ever open for art commissions again?
To be honest, most likely not. At least if it coincides with whatever project I'm working on for employment. I enjoy drawing again for my OWN benefit and enjoyment. This isn't to say "never", but I wouldn't hold my breath on it either. But you're always welcome to ask! It never hurts! I may be in a good mood!