1. How long does it take?
Depending on what medium (accessory, cosplay, plush or artwork), it can take me anywhere from a day to a month. Also depends on my school, family and work schedule.

2. What kind of art do you usually do?
I will do anything from G to PinUp PG-13.

3. What type of media do you use for your artwork?
Sketches are done in traditional pencil then inked or marker/colored or done digitally.

4. Why don't you do commissions anymore??
I stopped taking commissions in the Fall of 2018 because I returned to school to pursue a dual Associates Degree in IT Mobile Application Development and Web and Software Development. Because of this, I haven't had the time to really take any commissions. The commissions I had remaining were completed and sent out as soon as I was able to complete them. But I realized that I could not pursue my degree and take commissions and manage my family and house all at once.

5. Will you ever open for commissions again?
To be honest, most likely not. At least it coincides with whatever project I'm working on for employment. I will likely do artwork as a trade or as a gift, but I will likely not be opening up my commissions anytime in the near future. This isn't to say "never", but I wouldn't hold my breath on it either.