1. How long does it take?
Depending on what medium you would like (accessory, cosplay, plush or artwork) It can take me anywhere from a day to a month. Giving me a "due date" helps in letting me know how long I have.

2. What kind of art will you do?
I will do anything from G to PinUp PG-13. I won't do *anything* Adult (4 kids in the house). I also cannot do Robotics or anything that is highly technical. Nor will I do complex backgrounds.

3. What type of media do you use for your artwork?
Sketches are done in traditional pencil then inked or marker/colored or done digitally. It all depends on what end result you would like. I CAN do it both hard copy and digital, for an additional fee.

4. I've never done this before, how do I pay you?
Currently, I can only take Paypal and payment is due before I even START your drawing.

5. Where can I find ratings on you on previous sales?
You're welcome to check eBay (anime-kittie), etsy (kitsunekocrafts)or my eCrater (SailorMoonChan).

6. So how do I officially commission you?
By sending me a message through the contact form. Please let me know your project and your due date at that time. Payments are due at the time of commissioning. You can find information about me on eBay (Anime-Kittie)